The Angels N Me Food Bank & Break The Bread

The Angels N Me Food Bank & Break The Bread

TANMFB & Break The Bread

​TANMFB aka The Angels N Me Food Bank join Gina Cerise on​  The world is a big world although I wanted to help as many people I can. ​  I knew that not only I nor Gina  can not do it along. ​  So when I found out that  Gina was trying to do as I was.

I decided to join her on helping the Lord's people.

​She live in Florida and I live in Kentucky ​ Gina and I have known each other more then 12 years. ​  We both want the same things when it comes to help the Lord's people and to do his will here in this earth.

​Above you will find a link  to Break The Bread.

​Please click on the link to get to Gina's one of her commissions.

The Angels N Me Food Bank  although we join Break The Break we are two different web site and we do different things.

​Please keep in mind that what Gina do in Florida might not be the same thing that I will do here in Kentucky.

Florida and Kentucky has different rules and law. please check with each of us if there is anything you need or any question you might have. You will find our contact in the bottom of this note.

Gina - 561-776-8630 / 


Thank you for stopping by and please come again.


             The Angels N Me Food Bank
            in Mount Sterling Kentucky    40353