The Angels N Me - Gift Shop

What you buy here 20 % will go to some Research. To help find cure for some ills.


Sorry for now The Angels N Me  - Gift shop is close you will be the first one to know when it will reopen. 

The Angels N Me - Gift Shop is here to help the Lord's people the things that we will sale here 20% will go to church and to some company that are trying hard to find some kind of cures for some disease like cancer and diabetic . I know with your help and the Lord's help we can do it. Please take care of your self and love ones. Esperanza aka Anna 

The Angels N Me Food Bank


found in 2016 by Esperanza

Please help me help the Lord's people I know you and I together we can make a different here in Kentucky. If you will like to help out, you will find my information in the bottom. Thank you for stopping by. Please stop by anytime. Esperanza.  

Address -

412- The Angels N Me Food Bank

P.O. Box 1498

​Mount Sterling , KY 40353

Cell # 859-404-7469

​Email address -  

Esperanza AKA Anna

Esperanza For A Healthier You


Esperanza For A Healthier You

A self help website here in this website you will find books, complaining, Drs, and other thing to help you become a healthier you. 



Q - Why I started a food bank? 

A - One day we needed food and I asked the Lord to please help me help my family; that I will promise to help his people. At that time the only thing that came to mind, it was a name of a lady from church. I called her, and we meet in the church parking lot. She brought some food for my family ; that she got from a food bank, and that's where the idea came to me to put together a food bank.